We empower entrepreneurs who are rethinking real estate

We live at the intersection of real estate and technology




Alate Partners empowers technology entrepreneurs who are rethinking real estate. Founded through a partnership between Dream and Relay Ventures, Alate is building an ecosystem that brings together leading proptech companies and influential real estate owners, operators, and managers.

Alate is a launching point for great ideas. We give entrepreneurs the support they need—whether that’s advice, funding, or a powerful introduction. We help real estate incumbents understand how emerging trends and technologies will impact their business and help find solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges. If solutions don’t exist, we work with our network to incubate ideas and build great teams to commercialize opportunities.

We believe real estate is about more than physical buildings—it’s about the people who live, work, shop, and play in them. By working with creative and visionary companies, we can use technology to make our homes and workplaces more personalized, efficient, and sustainable. 


 Our Approach

We look for innovations across the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors that will dramatically change how we interact with the places where we spend most of our time. 


Focus Areas


Innovative and cost-effective solutions that improve construction - from design to delivery.



Hardware and software that improve building operations and energy efficiency.


Platforms that make it easier to discover, buy, sell, and lease properties.



Technology that enhances how people interact with the places where they live and work.


We’re Building an Ecosystem

We’re in a unique position at the centre of real estate and technology. Real innovation will only happen when real estate companies and startups work together creatively to meet the needs of tenants, owners, builders, and managers. Those relationships will define the future of the industry.

The true impact of what we do is in the network we’re building. To us, the sum is greater than the parts—and every business in our network will benefit from shared resources that span the real estate value chain.  

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